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How i ran into PNAS latex template.

February 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Surprisingly, very few peer-reviewed journals in bioscience provides an official latex template file for submission. I am yet to find the one that is fully supported by the publisher. I think this should be an option from all the publishers as formatting using latex can make the reviewing process little bit more lucid compared to “double spaced-figure and legend at different places” word file. 

Anyways, PNAS has latex template, along with the class and style file, which can be downloaded from here (or just google Latex PNAS).

However, when i tried to compile it, it DIDN’T (I use TexShop 2.47) and TexLive-2009 (Ok! I need to update.) But after a quick google, I found the solution here

which involved changing fonts in the .sty file provided by PNAS.


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