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Effective Scientific Writing: Clear and Concise

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Few tips on clear and concise scientific writing as per the webinar lecture in youtube ( by Kristin L. Saininani, PhD from Stanford.

1. Cut and Kill unnecessary words and phrases

2. Always follow Subject + Verb + Object or Subject + Verb

3. Use Active Voice. (Its OK to start sentence with We or I)

4. Use strong verbs (Don’t turn verbs into nouns)

Loud music came from speakers embedded in the walls, and the entire arena moved as the hungry crowd got to its feet.

Compared to

Loud music exploded from speakers embedded in the walls, and the entire arena shook as the hungry crowd leaped to its feet.

from the novel Bringing Down the House

5. Dont bury the main verb


Few more tips:

a. Passive voice is OK in method to avoid the conundrum of who is doing what.

b. Use active voice in Introduction, Results, and Discussion.

c. When to use which and that?  Which=non essential clause, that=essential clause.

d. Write as you go.

e. Write for your readers, not yourself.

f. Avoid complex under details like massive tables.


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